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With clients throughout New Zealand and across Australia, the Asia Pacific region and Europe, we take pride in delivering excellent work at short notice, 24/7. This holds true whether we're writing a brochure for a small business, delivering a communication programme for a large one, or providing a helping hand to a PR consultancy.

For larger projects we'll outline in detail how we plan to address your communication needs within the specified budget. This will give you a clear idea about levels of activity and timings throughout the year.

Projects will also be fully costed. We will work out the time input required for each item in the programme and agree this with you before implementation. This means that you will know at all times what we have committed to deliver, and how much it will cost.

You will receive monthly status reports and updates. Again, this will help ensure that you're firmly in the driving seat.

And if we’re running a full public relations programme with you it will be sufficiently flexible to take advantage of unplanned events. If the programme needs to be adjusted we'll assess the impact to the budget and advise you immediately.

This proactivity is key and all our public relations programmes incorporate an element that allows us to react to the events of the day in a speedy manner, enhancing our clients' reputations as industry leaders by being the first to provide comment and insight. You'll receive a daily email 'News Digest', with the latest news from your sector and industry. We'll normally recommend any necessary proactive course of action according to the news of the day, but the News Digest will also allow you to identify issues or topics that you'd like your organisation to respond to.

So please, give us a call - we'd be delighted to discuss your communication needs with you...

TextWrite, PR Consultants, Freelance writers and copywriting services in